Product Features

Our platform provides your business with powerful tools to increase productivity and generate revenue.

Improve Internal & External Communication

Communicate internally within the system by inviting other users to your events. Also keep an eye on your calendar, and set reminders for follow up calls on prospective clients.

Collect Actionable Data

Data. And more Data, at your finger tips. Generate corporate financial reports, deltas to previous year’s figures, sales rep reports, customer financials reports, and many more!

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

These Universal features are included in all NavigatorTMS plans:

Web Based Application

Access the system from anywhere or anytime on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone allowing you to be as mobile as necessary.


Display your active loads, service levels, current weather maps, and a national traffic map on big screens or monitors in and around your office.


Track corporate financials and trends, analyze customer, sales rep, and operations staff reports with a click of a button to help you make accurate business decisions.

3PL/Broker Features

Get the Universal level features plus the following for all 3PL/Broker Partners:


The most efficient load booking tool in the industry! Book loads without using a telephone, or through creating mass emails. This revolutionary tool communicates with carriers active in your lanes to quickly cover your loads


Use the built in CRM to quickly push prospective clients through the sales funnel and gain additional revenue quickly.

Carrier Scoring System

Track a carrier's on-time pickup and delivery percentages to keep your carriers accountable to your business.

Carrier Features

Get the Universal level features plus the following for all Carrier Partners:

Driver Payroll

NavigatorTMS calculates driver payroll based off of deliveries made in the time period of your choosing. Place multiple drivers to a single load when necessary, and let the system assign the correct payroll for each driver.


Track Assets

Keep track of maintenance records, drug screens, insurance coverage for your trucks, trailers and drivers. Set reminders on the NavigatorTMS calendars to avoid maintenance issues.

Eliminate Deadhead Miles

NaviatorTMS will calculate deadhead mileages for each of your loads, allowing you to determine average deadhead miles for each of your drivers and your entire business in general so that you can make decisions on which lanes are most profitable.

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